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ewolution of water

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Ewolution of Water

The Basics of the EWO Method

„Every advanced technology has simple principles.”

For the development of the EWO method for water revitalization, nature was and remains the model. Many pioneers’ wealth of experience in the field of water research forms an important basis for the construction of the EWO devices.

Just as the water in nature swirls and bubbles over stones and rocks, in the EWO-method water flow is directed through the built-in double helix.

Decades ago, Victor Schauberger discovered that you can revitalize water by strong turbulences.


The housing shell of the EWO devices is made of high quality stainless steel (duplex steel 1.4462).
This stainless steel is very good magnetizable.

The water now flows through the integrated natural magnetic field.

It is a fact that one and the same substance can occur in different crystalline phases. This situation is referred to as polymorphism (variety), and applies to chemical elements or compounds.

information transfer

The information water present in the EWO devices, consisting of an energetic filling of the purest spring water enriched with a special combination of high-quality additives, acts on the passing water.

The Law of Resonance explains it: Every body has its own natural frequency, be it the human body, water or any other object.

The following example demonstrates this fact:
In a room hangs a bell. If one were to sing exactly "its tone", then the bell would sound as its own frequency was stimulated. This law applies to everything: humans, animals, plants and objects. The prerequisite for these processes again is the existence of an energy form that underlies all elements and life forms.

Scheme EWO Classic

  • ewolution of water

  • EWO returns its power to the water.

  • Water. Power. EWO.

  • Water. Use its power.

  • Be in peace with yourself and nature. Water, power. EWO.


Considered scientifically...

Water (H2O) is a chemical compound of the elements oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H).

Looked at water in its entirety...

Water is a symbol of the beginning of the world. The origin of all life. An element that stands for mysterious living power.

Growth, creation and preservation of life is only possible if there is enough water.


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