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  • Heating – active corrosion protection

    Heating – active corrosion protection

    EWO ACTIV (circulation installation from 1")

    Active corrosion protection with anode system

    Due to the slow degradation of the magnesium anodes, the oxygen in the heating water is reduced.

    The pH-value is raised by the alkaline magnesium and stabilized.

    In addition, a magnetic bar is built-in, so that corrosion residues or magnetically reacting parts can be removed from the heating water.
    Of course, the EWO method is also integrated to keep the heating water stable over the long term.

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  • Heating systems from approx. 20kW

    Heating systems from approx. 20kW

    (circulation installation from 3/8“)

    The product for all heating systems, also with one or more buffer tanks

    Many problems with heating systems arise from deposits, sludge, leaks, etc.
    This might damage pumps, mixing valves and heat exchangers and can cause significant costs.

    The Vital device starts right here and helps to reduce these problems.

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  • Heating systems up to approx. 20kW

    Heating systems up to approx. 20kW

    EWO HWO - heating water optimizer (circulation systems from 1/2" to 1")

    For heating systems with lower water content (max. 0,6m³) without buffer tank

    Unnatural conditions in the heating circuit (pressure, temperature fluctuations) create black, so-called "dead heating water".
    This often leads to technical problems.

    Using the EWO heating water optimizer reduces those problems.
    These models were specially developed for installation in the heating circuit distributor of underfloor and wall heating systems. The installation should be in circulation most used.

    The HB100 is also suitable for older radiator heating systems!

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  • Heating - solar collector

    Heating - solar collector

    EWO HWO - heating water optimizer (circulation systems from 1/2" to 1")

    For the secondary circuit in solar systems

    Good vale and durable – a heating vitalizer for thermal solar systems.

    The device supports the transport of heat energy and the durability of your installation.

    Due to the extremely good price / performance ratio of this inconspicuous device you can only win.

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Considered scientifically ...

Water (H2O) is a chemical compound of the elements oxygen (O)
and hydrogen (H).

Looked at water in its entirety ...

Water is a symbol of the beginning of the world. The origin of all life. An element that stands for mysterious living power.

Growth, creation and preservation of life is only possible if there is enough water.


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