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drinking water

  • drinking water

    drinking water

    (line installation from 3/8")

    Fresh, vitalized water from your water line!

    Drinking enough is especially important to keep your body and mind performing well. Scientific evidence shows that even two percent fluid loss can mean a reduction in performance up to 20%.
    The investment into a device relativize very quickly, if your employees like to drink vitalized water.

    It is also possible to use a filtered and vitalized device like our EWO GOURMET.

    This version provides additional, effective filtering to eliminate unwanted substances and changes in taste

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Considered scientifically ...

Water (H2O) is a chemical compound of the elements oxygen (O)
and hydrogen (H).

Looked at water in its entirety ...

Water is a symbol of the beginning of the world. The origin of all life. An element that stands for mysterious living power.

Growth, creation and preservation of life is only possible if there is enough water.


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