ewolution of water

we optimize water...


„The laws of nature never change. They are valid for all time."

Check for yourself, how EWO affects your life.

If ...

… your water tastes better and fresher,

… you joyfully and increasingly drink water,

… it feels softer and more pleasant when bathing and showering,

… the cleaning and washing power increases,

… limescale deposits are easier to remove,

… your plants are stronger and more robust,

… animals prefer optimized water.

But one thing is certain: EWO revives and inspires.

ONE for all areas of life! EWO is made for

home and apartment installation

business enterprise

manufacturing enterprise


overhead sprinkling system


swimming pools


heating circuits

cooling circuits


With the laws passed in the National council meeting, we will take the following measures to slow the exponential growth of the Corona virus:

Our office building will be closed from Monday March 16th 2020 until further notice.

The delivery of orders is currently stopped until revoked.

For questions and informations, we are still available by phone or E-Mail.

We ask our customers for understanding, for the good of all measures taken.


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