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    EWO BWO - well water optimizer
    (single and double cylinder)

    The solution for wherever water remains

    The well water optimizer helps to improve water quality by supporting the natural self-cleaning power.
    Thus, a gradual restoration of the microbiological balance is possible.

    EWO devices for biotopes, spring water collection basins, wells, sewage treatment plants as well as slurry and manure pits. Easy to install, without any structural changes. The device is attached with a 5mm nylon rope so that it is about 20 - 30 cm above the basins’ floor.
    For slurry and manure pits and sewage treatment plants, position the well vitalizer in the upper third of the liquid to be treated by using a float.

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With the laws passed in the National council meeting, we will take the following measures to slow the exponential growth of the Corona virus:

Our office building will be closed from Monday March 16th 2020 until further notice.

The delivery of orders is currently stopped until revoked.

For questions and informations, we are still available by phone or E-Mail.

We ask our customers for understanding, for the good of all measures taken.


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